California Employee Handbooks

California Employee Handbooks, The Best Way To Protect Your Business!

California Employee Handbooks



Today we are going to talk about the reasons California Employee Handbooks are so important for your company and some of the benefits of having one, including avoiding costly lawsuits!

As attorneys who specialize in employer defense we work on so many cases that an employee handbook could have been so helpful for our client. In some cases they could have helped them with existing litigation matter while in others it may have helped in avoiding the litigation all together.

It’s so important to have handbooks because it defines the employer and employee expectations of each other.

In your company, your Employee Handbooks serve as the company’s bylaws, which can be compared to a country’s law. Like the laws of a country, your California Employee Handbooks contain all the rules governing what is acceptable and not acceptable, but in this case with various employers to employee situations.

You should give your Employees handbooks from the first day you hire someone, so they know what your company expects from them and in return, what they should expect from your company!

Employees handbooks can be given in various forms when an employee starts to work for you’re company. Some enterprises take the time to conduct orientations for new employees in order to discuss their California employee handbooks in detail. There are some rules and policies in which the employees would be better served with an explanation so there is no room for interpretation when it comes to your expectations from them. By conducting orientations, misunderstandings can be minimized as human resource officers address every employee’s question.

TIP: You should definitely make sure the employee signs his/her handbook and you have a record of it!

Aside from conducting Employee handbook orientations, it is your responsibility as a business owner to make your employee handbooks as clear and thorough as possible.

Effective California Employee Handbooks can be one of your company’s greatest tools in order to avoid future costly litigation from employees!

In cases where Employees feel there rights are violated or are considering taking legal action, they will often refer first to their manuals to see if the issue is covered.  If they read through their manuals and see how the company handles their situation, they will most often refrain from filing lawsuits against employers, as they know that they have already agreed to (and hopefully signed) certain procedures for these situations when they were hired and given the handbook.

Furthermore, another benefit of clear, professionally written California Employee Handbooks is they will help reflect your company’s vision and mission, making it clear for your employees where they are headed and what is expected of them.

With this, you can expect increased productivity due to minimal misunderstandings and issues. Having a harmonious environment to work with everyday is often consistent with clear, defined expectations, a big plus for employees as well YOU the employer.

As a California Employer, costly litigation is a real and serious threat to your business!

Many lawsuits that threaten your business could be avoided with a minimal investment in Employee Handbooks. Therefore, as a California Employer you should NEVER hire a new employee without FIRST having reliable, professional and complete California Employee Handbooks on your side.

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