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You Need An Aggressive Defense Team

The State of California sides with the employee the majority of the time.

Trying to fight your employee and the State of California on your own is dangerous, expensive and could cost you everything you have built.

Our experienced team of legal experts are ready and willing to FIGHT on your behalf. You shouldn't be punished for trying to run a business.

You should be protected.





A small error in handling employees could cost you thousands in fines and penalities.

Don't gamble the future of your livelihood on your "chances" of winning a lawsuit.

Hire the best.

When you work with us, you get a team of winners with a proven record of success.

You Need A True Ally To Help

Your employee problem becomes ours when we take on your case.

And we are very good at solving problems.

Big firms will treat your case like a number. A business your size is not even a blip on their radar, but with us, you get 100% devoted attention from successful and diligent Employer Attorneys.

Money alone just can't buy peace of mind.


We Protect Business Owners Like You Every Single Day

These guys are excellent Attorneys that have won three out of three cases for my Company. They have a strong expertise in labor and employment law and I would strongly recommend John and his group for any business owner with employee problems. We have been through complicated battles together and have won every time.

Bob Bekian
Pro HD Rentals, Los Angeles CA

Strong, assertive and decisive action is how I would describe the defense my Attorneys provided me! We had a very difficult case but they took an outside the box solution to make sure we came out on top. If you want someone who is going to truly fight for you go with them.

Catering, North Hollywood

We had a frivolous suit filed and our employer attorneys fought for us every step of the way! They were very personable and really went the extra mile to make sure that we were aware of what was going on with our case and what our options were. But best of all we won the settlement and they saved us thousands!

Wine Bar, Glendale

I had a difficult time finding an attorney who actually defended the employer. Boy was I glad I found them! They did so well on my case that at the end the opposing counsels clients asked if they could hire them for their next case!

Computer Store, Granada Hills

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Most attorneys don't understand who you are and what you go through to operate your business.

We only represent employers because we are entrepreneurs ourselves. 

You see, most attorneys would rather side with the employee.

It's easier money and usually more profitable for them.

The California laws make it incredibly difficult for employers to walk away from cases like yours without incurring potentially business-ending losses.

For this reason, you are going to have a hard time finding an entire law firm dedicated to representing business owners just like you. Most find the work to "challenging".

But not us.

We live it.

And we want to represent you. 

Small business owners are not given a FAIR chance in this fight. Not only does this hurt you, we believe it hurts the overall California economy.

We are on a mission to make California a great place to do business again.

That is why we want to work for you.

That is why we want to fight for you.

That is why we want you to win.


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