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    We will fight for your rights as an employer and try to settle the issue in the most beneficial way for you possible, so you can go back to focusing on whats important, your business!

  • Confidence From Our Experience

    We always represent employers and we have successfully dealt with hundreds of employee issues, large and small, for California business owners.

  • Great Communication

    You will know what is going on with your case at all times as we walk you through and explain carefully the procedures and strategy.

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  • Free 15 Minute 1-On-1 Private Chat

    We offer a FREE 15 minute consultation to tell us about the harassment claim. Completely free. No obligations, just sound advice.

  • Awesome Success Rate

    California is extremely difficult on business owners but since we focus only on defending employers we have developed strategies that have allowed us to achieve a very high success rate for our clients!

  • Personal Attention From Our Best

    We are not a huge law firm that will pass your case onto less experienced lawyers. You will be working directly with our top labor law attorneys.

These guys are excellent Attorneys that have won three out of three cases for my Company. They have a strong expertise in labor and employment law and I would strongly recommend John and his group for any business owner with employee problems. We have been through complicated battles together and have won every time.

Production Company, Los Angeles CA

Strong, assertive and decisive action is how I would describe the defense my Attorneys provided me! We had a very difficult case but they took an outside the box solution to make sure we came out on top. If you want someone who is going to truly fight for you go with them.

Catering, North Hollywood

We had a frivolous suit filed against us and our employer attorneys fought for us every step of the way! They were very personable and really went the extra mile to make sure that we were always aware and informed of what was going on with our case and what our options were. But best of all we won the settlement and they saved us thousands!

Wine Bar, Glendale

I had a difficult time finding an attorney who actually defended the employer. Boy was I glad I found them! They did so well on my case that at the end the opposing counsels clients asked if they could hire them for their next case!

Computer Store, Granada Hills

We Can Help With

  • Sexual Harassment

    We can help defend you and your business against any sexual harassment claims made.

  • Retaliation Claims

    Do you have an employee complaint against your business for retaliation? We can help you sort it all out and get back to your business.

  • Discrimination and 132A Claims

    If you have had a discrimination claim against your business we can represent and fight for your business.

We Also Offer

  • Hostile Work Environment

    Get experienced counsel at your side for defense against hostile work environment claims.

  • Employee Policies

    We can put together custom policies and procedures to help educate your employees and make future harassment claims against your business unlikely.

  • Fighting Back

    You don’t have to take all these accusations without a voice. We help you fight back against sexual harassment claims.

There are two sides to every story and I want to hear yours.

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John Fagerholm

I have made it my career and personal mission to help as many California Employers as possible, with our states unfair labor laws and predatory employee side labor attorneys.

If you or your business have been accused of harassment you deserve a voice and someone to fight for you and your rights!

John Fagerholm Founding Partner
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