Los Angeles Labor Commissioner

Have you been served by the Los Angeles Labor Commissioner office?

If you own a business or are an employer in the city of Los Angeles, CA and a current or former employee has filed a claim against you, its very likely that you will receive a Notice of Claim and Conference from this office.

Los Angeles Labor Commissioner

An Employee can file a claim against your business with the California Labor Commissioner. After they file the claim you will receive a Notice of Claim and Conference asking you to appear at a meeting to review the complaint.

You will then appear before a Deputy Labor Commissioner who will hear about your case.

The Los Angeles Labor Commissioner is one of the busiest offices in California and you can expect the commissioners here to have many, many cases on their plates. During the initial conference you may have your case dismissed outright or they may schedule it for a hearing if they feel it has merit and you have not come to a settlement.

The Los Angeles Labor Commissioner’s office is located at:

320 W. Fourth Street, Suite 450
Los Angeles, CA 90013

The telephone number of the Los Angeles Labor Board’s office is (213) 620-6330.

You can bring an attorney to the Los Angeles Labor Commission to help represent you.

It is best to get attorney representation from the start of your case so you can maximize your chances of success defending your business.

If you receive a Notice of Claim and Conference from the Los Angeles Labor Commissioner contact us right away so we can assist you!

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