Santa Barbara Labor Commissioner

Santa Barbara Labor Commissioner

The Santa Barbara Labor Commissioner Office handles Labor Complaints

 Santa Barbara Labor Commissioner Office: 

If you own a business or are an employer in the areas of Santa Barbara, CA and a current or former employee has filed a claim against you it most likely that you will receive a Notice of Claim and Conference from this office.

Since this is the Labor office closest to you it is the one you would contact for more information on your notice.

This particular location basically serves the Tri-Counties area of Ventura, Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo Counties.






There are many types claims against employers with the most common being wage claims. After an initial complaint a DLSE deputy (Division Labor Standards Enforcement) will schedule a somewhat informal conference between you and the employee with the complaint, to resolve the wage dispute.

If an agreement cannot be made at this first attempt a more formal meeting called an “administrative hearing” is scheduled for a later date. At this meeting a more formal decision will be made.

The Santa Barbara, CA Labor Commissioner accepts the following types of claims and one of the following is most likely the type of claim you will see:

Meal Break wage claims
Rest period wage claims
Doubletime wage claims
Unpaid vacation pay wage claims
Prevailing wage claims
Unpaid commissions wage claims
Unpaid travel time wage claims
Unreimbursed expenses wage claims
Unpaid mileage wage claims

The Santa Barbara Labor Commissioner’s office is located at:

411 E. Canon Perdido, Room 3
Santa Barbara, CA 93101

The telephone number of the Santa Barbara Labor Commissioner office is (805) 568-1222.

Remember: The California Labor Board allows you representation by an attorney in the claims against you.

It is best to get attorney representation from the start of your case so you can maximize your chances of success defending your business. We can represent you even at your first “informal” meeting. With professional representation you have a much better change at resolving the matter more quickly.

Below is a video that helps explain the process.

If you receive a Notice of Claim and Conference from the California Deputy Labor Commissioner contact us right away so we can assist you!

We represent California employers and business owners in wage and other claims from the Santa Barbara Labor Commission office.

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